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  Anger is a brief madness. 愤怒是短暂的疯狂。

  Wonders will never cease. 奇迹无穷尽。

  You never know your luck. 命运好坏不由已.

  Youth is half the battle. 年轻是胜利的一半.

  As the call, so the echo. 发什么声音,有什么回声。

  As the tree,so the fruit. 什么树结什么果。

  He who hesitates is lost. 当断不断,反受其乱.

  Fortune favours the bold. 天助勇者。

  Forbidden fruit is sweet. 禁果分外甜。

  From saving comes having. 富有来自节俭.

  Fool's haste is no speed. 急急忙忙, 欲速反慢.

  Fair and softly goes far. 谦和者致远。

  Every man has his faults. 人都有缺点.

  Hunger is the best sauce. 饥者口中尽佳肴.

  Learn even from an enemy. 即使是敌人也可以向他学习.

  Little goods little care. 钱财少,不烦恼.

  Practise what you preach. 躬行己说,身体力行. /自己怎么说,就得怎么干.

  Second thoughts are best. 再思为上.

  It is hard to please all. 要使人人满意是件难事。

  Business before pleasure. 先工作,后娱乐./干完正事再玩儿.

  It is dogged that does it. 有志者事竞成.

  It's a day after the fair. 错过良机,为时已晚。

  Reading enriches the mind. 开卷有益.

  Opportunities do not wait. 机不可失,时不再来.

  Other times,other manners. 隔代不同礼。

  Love laughs at locksmiths. 爱情嘲笑锁匠. /爱情能克服困难.

  Let the sleeping dogs lie. 莫惹是非。

  Every medal has two sides. 每个勋章都有两面。/ 每个问题都有正反两面。

  Every bean hath its black. 每粒蚕豆都长黑嘴。 / 人都有缺点。

  Even Homer sometimes nods. 即使荷马也会打盹. /智者千虑,必有一失.

  Facts are stubborn things. 事实都是顽强的. /事实是掩盖不住的.

  Every why has a wherefore. 凡事必有因.

  Fortune favours the brave. 天佑勇士。

  Art is long,life is short. 人生短暂,艺术长存。

  Bad times make a good man. 艰难困苦出能人.

  Better be sure than sorry. 稳当总比后悔好。

  Good counsel does no harm. 忠言有利无害。

  Anything for a quiet life. 悠然自在最难求.

  Appearances are deceptive. 外表是靠不住的。

  Who knows most says least. 知道得最多的人说得最少。

  A good deed is never lost. 好心一定有好报。

  A lazy youth, a lousy age. 少时懒惰老来苦.

  A watched pot never boils. 心急锅不开.

  Take time by the forelock. 要把握时机.

  Nothing seek,nothing find. 无所求则无所获.

  Never do things by halves. 做事不可半途而废.

  The wages of sin is death. 为恶者应灭亡。

  Sow nothing, reap nothing. 春不播,秋不收. /无功不能受禄.

  True love never grows old. 真正的爱永不衰老.

  Sharp tools make good work. 工欲善其事,必先利其器.

  Sweep before your own door. 正人先正己。

  Time is wealth for workers. 对工人来说,时间就是财富.

  Time is grain for peasants. 对农民来说,时间就是粮食.

  Today is Yesterday's pupil. 今天是昨天的学生.

  After a storm comes a calm. 雨过天晴,苦尽甘来.

  A man's home is his castle. 一个人的家就是他的城堡.

  A bully is always a coward. 恃强欺弱者均是懦夫。

  A creaking door hangs long. 旧门久用,病夫命长。

  A bow long bent grows weak. 常拉满弓无力。

  An artist lives everywhere. 一技在身,走遍天下。

  Youth will have its course. 人生谁无少年时,甜苦酸辛各自知.

  There are spots in the sun. 太阳也有黑点。

  Beggars cannot be choosers. 乞丐不能挑肥拣瘦.

  Be still,and have the will. 不动声色,事方有成.

  Art lies in concealing art. 艺术在于使人看不见艺术。

  Freedom lies in being bold. 自由在于勇敢.

  Give losers leave to speak. 要允许失败者讲话。

  First thrive and then wive. 先立业,后成家.

  East or West, home is best. 无论在何处,家园最美好.

  Every oak must be an acorn. 每棵橡树都曾是一粒橡子.

  Every man is his own enemy. 人都有与自己为敌的时候. /败事全由已.

  Labour created man himself. 劳动创造人.

  Leave off with an appetite. 吃得七分饱,就该离餐桌。

  Love is the mother of love. 情生情,爱生爱.

  Love is the reward of love. 爱是对爱的报答.

  Man proposes, God disposes. 谋事在人,戒事在天。

  Man is not made for defeat. 创造人不是为了让他遭受失败. /人不是为失败而生的.

  Life is too short to waste. 生命短促,不容浪费.

  Honesty is the best policy. 诚实为上策.

  Honour lies in honest toil. 光荣在于诚恳地劳动.

  Hitch your wagon to a star. 把你的马车拴到星星上. /要胸怀大志.

  Hold fast when you have it. 在手之物应紧握.

  Many hands make light work. 众擎易举. /人多好办事./ 众人拾柴火焰高.

  Marriage is a covered dish. 婚姻是一道盖着的菜.

  Brevity is the soul of wit. 言以简为贵.

  Bread is the staff of life. 民以食为天。

  Blushing is virtue's color. 脸红是美德的颜色。

  Do as you would be done by. 己所不欲,勿施于人。

  Drawn wells are seldom dry. 水井常用不枯竭.

  Drift is as bad as unthrift. 花钱凭冲动,等于无底洞.

  Don't meet trouble half-way. 不要自寻烦恼。

  Diligence redeems stupidity. 勤能补拙.

  Blood is thicker than water. 血比水浓.

  Counsel breaks not the head. 忠告不会打破头.

  Clothes do not make the man. 人不在衣装.

  Idleness makes the wit rust. 懒惰使脑筋生锈.

  Love is stronger than death. 爱的力量大于死亡./ 爱情能战胜死神.

  Love me little,love me long. 爱情应细水长流.

  One's sin will find one out. 坏事终归要败露。

  One love drives out another. 新的爱情来,旧的爱情去.

  Prettiness makes no pottage. 漂亮不能当饭吃.

  Pen and ink is wit's plough. 笔墨是才智之犁.

  It's never too late to mend. 改过不嫌晚。

  Rome was not built in a day. 罗马不是一天建成的./ 伟业非一日之功.

  In the end things will mend. 船到桥头自然直.

  Envy never enriched any man. 嫉妒从未使人得益。

  Familiarity breeds contempt. 亲密生侮心。

  Friends are thieves of time. 朋友是时间的浪费者. / 浪费朋友的时间,就是谋财害命.

  Four eyes see more than two. 两人总比一人看得周到.

  Good clothes open all doors. 门不挡衣着华丽的人。

  Good advice is beyond price. 忠告是无价之宝.

  Youth is the season of hope. 青春是希望的季节.

  All rivers run into the sea. 条条江河归大海.

  "They say so" is half a lie. 传闻多失实.

  A curst cow has short horns. 性子烈的牛角短,脾气暴的人为害有限。

  A miss is as good as a mile. 差之毫厘,失之千里.

  All is fair in love and war. 情场战场,不择手段。

  A stitch in time saves nine. 不洞不补,大洞尺五. /及时处理,事半功倍.

  Time is the father of truth. 时间是真理之父.

  There is no end to learning. 学无止境.

  There is no satiety in study. 学而不厌.

  Time is the greatest teacher. 时间就是良师.

  Time is speed for scientists. 对科学家来说,时间就是速度.

  Variety is the spice of life. 变化是生活的调味品.

  We are all slaves of opinoin. 我们都是意见的奴隶。

  More than enough is too much. 超过所需就是太多.

  The shortest answer is doing. 最简短的回答是干.

  Nothing venture,nothing have. 不担风险就无收获.

  No living man all things can. 世上没有万能的人.

  The insolent have no friends. 目空一切的人无朋友.

  A wonder lasts but nine days. 奇闻只存在九天。

  A word is enough to the wise. 智者不用多告诫.

  A little labour, much health. 适量的劳动有益于健康。

  A lean dog shames his master. 狗瘦主人羞。

  A hungry man is an angry man. 饿汉易怒。

  A green wound is soon healed. 新伤口愈合快。

  What's done cannot be undone. 木已成舟,覆水难收。

  What man has done,man can do. 前人能办的事,后人也能做.

  Wishes never can fill a sack. 愿望装不满口袋。

  He goes far that never turns. 不回头的人走得远.

  He that talks much errs much. 语多必失。

  He that talks much lies much. 言多必妄。

  Before friends all is common. 朋友之间应不分彼此.

  Far fowls have fair feathers. 远方的鸟羽毛美。/弄不到手的东西是最好的。

  Eyes are as eloquent as lips. 眼睛会和嘴一样说话.

  Easy and success are fellows. 从容与成功是伙伴。

  Many a little makes a mickle. 积少成多;集腋成裘.

  Love and cough cannot be hid. 爱情象咳嗽,压也压不住.

  Life is compared to a voyage. 人生好比是一次航程.

  Life is real,life is earnest. 人生真实,人生诚挚.

  Marriage makes or mars a man. 婚姻可使人成功,也可使人失败.




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