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Fantasy novels can be a ticket to a land of magic. The Lord of the Rings (《指环王》) by J.R.R. Tolkien takes us to Middle-earth to experience a battle of good and evil with dwarves (矮人), fairies (精灵) and wizards (巫师). And A Song of Ice and Fire (《冰与火之歌》), a series of novels by US author George R.R. Martin, invites us to another fictional world where powerful families compete to win the most important throne (王座) of all.
Today, most people know Martin’s work by the name of the first book, Game of Thrones (《权力的游戏》), since it is also the name of the famous TV series. On March 29, the trailer (预告片) for the seventh season of the highly successful series came out. Millions of fans eagerly await the new season, which starts on July 16.
So how can we explain the wild success of Game of Thrones?
BBC reporter Ken Tucker got it right: it’s the escapism (逃避现实) that makes it a winner. This quality makes it very different from other popular TV series of recent times. Take Breaking Bad (《绝命毒师》) for example. This was a quality drama but it didn’t provide escapism. Too many viewers understood the difficult situation of the cancer-stricken (罹患癌症的) science teacher Walter White. He turned to crime (犯罪) because he couldn’t afford his hospital bills.
In Game of Thrones, however, there is what TV writer Josue Cardona called the huge attraction of “world-building”: “The show is super complex (复杂的), with so many characters”. Viewers love the sense that they are being invited to build another world in their minds.

This isnt to say that the 25.7 million global viewers of the TV series dont enjoy the moresubtle (微妙的) side of the storyUnlike in other fiction storiesthe characters are complex.Martin said that he tried to have a “good and badnoble (高尚的) and selfish well-mixed” choiceof themThis makes him a storyteller very unlike Tolkienwhose world is one of heroes andvillains in which good will win in the endIn Martins worldwe are not sure of thatIndeedwearent even sure who is good and who is evil.

But the overall secret to this shows success may be its dreamlike qualityAs Martin wrote onhis website
The best fantasy is written in the language of dreamsIt is alive as dreams arealivemore real than real.” Watching Game of Thrones is like entering a deep sleepFans of thelong-running hit will hope that theyll be sleeping and dreaming for many years to come.

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